Enable or disable Hyper-V

If we use Oracle VirtualBox, it is necessary to disable Hyper-V, since the virtual machines are very slow. We open a CMD window as administrators and run: A reboot is required for it to work. If we want Hyper-V to work again, it is necessary to execute this other code: (For example to run Windows […]

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Free Computer Audit Tool

This tool allows us to do a complete audit of a computer in a few minutes, and it’s free !!!! The program is called WINAUDIT and you can download it from this website: http://www.parmavex.co.uk/winaudit.html. The reports are very complete, both at Hardware and Software level:

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Tool to find and remove malware an virus by Microsoft

To remove viruses and malware, Microsoft offers the following tool: MSERT.EXE It is necessary to download it regularly, as it is updated every two weeks. You can download it from this Microsoft link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/intelligence/safety-scanner-download?view=o365-worldwide . Select 64 bits version. Currently all Windows are 64-bit The installation does not exist, we just need to run it,

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Erase Windows 10/11 BLOATWARE

Pending to be translated !!! I’m sorry. El Bloatware es software que Microsoft y los fabricantes de ordenadores nos añaden al Windows de publicidad, innecesario y generalmente nos roban recursos del Sistema Operativo.He encontrado este pequeño archivo que es un script que nos ayuda a eliminar mucho del bloatware de Windows, además de desactivar Onedrive

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GPO. Force Home page of browsers

Aquest tema tracta de fer una GPO (Group Policies) en un servidor per forçar que tots els ordinadors de l’empresa sempre tinguin una o més pàgines web d’inici predefinides. Per exemple que al obrir Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox i Microsoft Edge, la pàgina d’inici sigui : Http://www.auditiait.es Windows te molts GPO predefinits, però aquest no

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