AUDITIA IT is staffed by professionals who offer expert advice in the IT areas of installation, configuration, as well as implementation and start-up.

Our services

Computer maintenance

Installation, assembly and configuration of computers and any windows operating system up to the latest version. Hardware changes (memory upgrades, power supply power increase, replacement and installation of video cards for other superior ones, replacement of damaged hard disks or for others with higher capacity). Upgrading of internal components of desktop and laptop computers and repair. Virus and malware removal. Cleaning of dust accumulated in coolers, fans and filters. Recovery of deleted data from hard disks, pen drives, SD memories, etc.

Maintenance of server towers and racks

Installation and configuration of servers and windows server. Hardware changes (memory upgrades, adding power supplies or processors if possible, change and installation of video cards for other superior ones, replacement of damaged hard drives or other higher capacity or SSD). Removal of viruses and malware. Cleaning of dust accumulated in coolers, fans and filters. Recovery of deleted data from hard disks, pen drives, SD memories, etc.

Computer networks of all types and types

Installation and configuration of any type of network. We advise on the placement of cabling (maximum concealment, placement to avoid interference, type of material suitable for each company, both network cables and connectors, wall rosettes, etc.). Checking the proper functioning of installed networks, extension of cabling, wiring of new outlets, assembly and wiring of “patch panels”, cable management. Configuration of the wireless network (WIFI) and WIFI extenders. Configuration of networks via PLC, configuration of all elements and speed tests. Assembly of server cabinets (RACKS), distribution of electrical load consumption between SAIS and review of the correct ventilation of all elements.

Web hosting and Emails management

Maintenance and management of web and email hosting. We manage the expiry of domains, prevent domain theft, we can hide ownership data. We control email problems due to overloading, saturation, blocking and spam.

Specialised IT consulting

IT consultancy and advisory services. We inform you of the different paths and processes to follow in order to achieve the desired goal. We make complete budgets. We give you personalised solutions.

Local and cloud backups

Backup services, replicas, cloud services. We manage the correct functioning of the copies, errors that appear and their monitoring. We set up on-site or remote systems to be able to make copies, adapting to any budget.

Data recovery from any device

We recover data from hard disks, external disks, NAS, RAIDS, pen drives, SD, XD, Micro SD memories, etc. as long as they do not have a physical failure.

Installation of computer hardware and/or peripherals

Installations of computer equipment and accessories or peripherals. Projector/CT connection, access control systems, time and attendance control, video surveillance. We install video surveillance systems with or without recorders, control from home and mobile phone. Management of entrances to buildings, rooms or rooms and control by fingerprint, card or other systems.

Recycling of computer equipment

We transport your company’s obsolete computer equipment to a clean point for its correct recycling in accordance with current regulations. We remove hard disks for their dismantling and individualised disuse. We remove batteries and batteries from computers or UPS to place them in the appropriate container. We work to avoid further contamination.

Physical destruction of hard disks

We have a physical destruction service for the hard disks of computers, servers, laptops and other elements that may contain data. Physical destruction consists of dismantling all the parts of the disk and rendering them unusable. It is the best method to prevent fraudulent use of the data it may contain. It is much safer than erasing or formatting.

Apple devices maintenance

Installation and configuration of Apple computers up to the latest OS X. We adjust any problems with your Apple computer, configure printers, networks, scanners, etc. Removal of viruses exclusive to Mac OS.

Tablet and smartphone maintenance

Configuration of all types of tablets and phones with Android or Apple IOS or iPadOS. We configure your phone or tablet to access cameras or remotely manage your computer comfortably from home and any other need.

Outsourcing or hiring staff

Outsource IT services and we will take care of the management and optimisation of the entire IT department or some of its areas, projects or tasks. The solution for companies that need to incorporate technicians externally in their IT department temporarily or permanently.

Virtualisation with VMWare and HyperV

We have knowledge and experience in the installation of virtualised systems with VMWare and HiperV servers. We also perform maintenance, backups, changes to virtual machines, etc.

Software del Sol
ContaSol and FactuSol

We are distributors of all Software del Sol software, especially ContaSol and FactuSol.

Our Benefits

Emergency Service

Contract our emergency service to have us at your disposal 24/7.

Satifaction Guarantee

We put all our efforts into finishing our work and satisfying our clients.

Hour Packs

You can buy our packs of hours at reduced prices and use them whenever you need them.

+35 Years of Experience

Each of our technicians has more than 35 years of experience in computing.


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