We are distinguished by our specialisation in computer maintenance of small and medium business, from the beginin to his continuity. All our experience years increased our horizon and nowadays, we can work in several computer projects and parallel instalations.

Our specialities


We work with Windows from the first version to the latest, both PC and server versions.

We know Windows.
Our extensive computer experience for more than 35 years, has allowed us to know in depth the various Microsoft operating systems from the first version to the most current, as we are constantly updated. We have extensive knowledge in their installation, configuration, adaptation and repair. Do not hesitate to call us, no matter how old your operating system is, we are sure we will be able to help you.

IT solutions

Talk to us about what you need and we will offer you the best solutions.

AUDITIA IT offers a comprehensive IT solution to small and medium-sized companies, providing maintenance and IT management, supply of materials, installation of networks and we can offer you software products from the Sun (ContaSol and FactuSol among others), as we are distributors.
The IT managers are highly qualified professionals who guarantee the best service in this area.

Sale and distribution of computer equipment

We work with the main distributors of computer equipment in the country.

We sell computer equipment adapted to your needs to both companies and individuals. Technical advice prior to purchase, reliability both by the manufacturer of the equipment and by our professional experience with them. And quality after-sales service. We are also distributors of software such as antivirus and computer applications and we work with different Internet service providers.

Mac OS

We know Mac Os. It’s been quite a few years since we joined the Mac world.

We know MAC OS.
Ask us for anything you need about Apple computers. We configure your computer, install Windows on a Mac partition to be able to work with both operating systems, install software and printers, configure remote access to servers or study any problem or need you may have with Apple computers.


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