Welcome to the quiz of AUDITIA. Thank you very much for participating!

Here are the questions to answer:

1. I enjoy being at the top of my peer group.
2. I go to great lengths to avoid feeling stressed by negative outcomes.
3. I'm very motivated by deadlines.
4. Even my friends who've known me for years still don't know everything about me.
5. I'm known for my surprising and innovative ideas.
6. People often seek my opinions as an expert who is “in the know.”
7. When I walk into a restaurant, the first thing I notice is the “atmosphere” (such as the lighting or the view).
8. It's very important to me to have a high standing among my colleagues.
9. I seek out situations in which I have a great deal of control over the result.
10. I'm known for creating colorful experiences.
11. I prefer to have a select “inner” circle in my work or social life.
12. I have a strong reputation as an influential leader.
13. I don't reveal everything all at once.
14. I actively seek positions of authority.
15. I enjoy communicating my success (either in subtle or overt ways.)
16. I'm known for my witty sense of humor.
17. I have strong opinions, and I'm comfortable voicing them.
18. Freedom of personal choice is important to me.
19. I opt for tried-and-true options, rather than experimenting with something new.
20. Others would describe me as consistent and stable.
21. I believe it's important to be very respectful of authority.
22. I can become emotionally connected to someone very quickly.
23. People have a hard time knowing exactly what I'm thinking.
24. I put effort in the sensory aspects of an occasion (flavors, music, textures, etc.)
25. I thoroughly read the instructions before starting a project.
26. Expressing my individuality is important to me.
27. I prefer to keep a familiar, established daily routine.
28. I would rather be stable than unique.